lisa (lp0zz) wrote in yousolastsummr,

you know you gotta help me out, yeaaah.

could you guys maybe help me out?

1. i need ideas for fund raising for peer leadership. can you tell me anything really sweet and fun that your school has done in the past that was pretty kickass and raised some money?

2. my friend an i are making a zine, and we're going to distribute it throughout semi-local places, like pittsburgh, youngstown, etc. what kind of things would you like to see in a zine? some of our ideas included drawings, pictures of local kickass graffiti, short stories, comics, recipes, simple crafts, etc. what else do you think we could do?

thanks in advance for any help. =)
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i love you and your love for brand new.
and like, to raise money or whatever.
i told my teacher he could do these tipjar thingies.
like, yanno?
The little tipjars that say something like, "HELP FELICIA BEAT CANCER".

Only whatever you want.
People actually put money in there.